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ESET Parental Control for Android

ESET Parental Control for Android
ESET Parental Control for Android
  • Brand: ESET
  • Model: Eset Parental Control Andrıod
  • SKU: SOF-DAT-00009
Ex Tax: 242₺


Protect your kids online in a kid-friendly way. Track your children's activities online and the apps they download with ESET Parental Control for Android. Manage their screens and send direct messages. See your children's locations instantly and decide together what is best for them.

Application Protection

Manage your kids' access to apps with age-based filters.

Child Locator

Check your device's location anytime on or in Parent mode within the app.

Web Protection

Block age-inappropriate websites and categorize them so that your children can enjoy websites that appeal to their age group.

Fun & Playtime setting and restriction

You decide when your kids can play on their devices. Manage your time limits and permissions according to your children's demands. 

Parent Message

Message your kids so they can continue using your devices without your consent.

Our product comes with these features:

üApplication Protection

üFun & Playtime limitation

üFun & Gaming budgeting

üSimple Reports

üWeb Protection (Premium)

üChild Locator (Premium)

üParent Message (Premium)

üFull Reporting (Premium)

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