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carbonite Endpoint On-prem Edition

carbonite Endpoint On-prem Edition
carbonite Endpoint On-prem Edition
  • Model: Carbonite Endpoint On-prem
  • SKU: END-400-499
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carbonite Endpoint On-prem Edition

· Establishment Endpoint vault in company data center and pay per seat

· Inıitial vault deployment requires a one-time professional service engagement.

· Monthly or prepaid billing with 1 or 3 year term.

Advanced Administration

Key Capabilities

Central management and control features help simplify deployment, while flexible configuration options reduce the impact of backup workloads traveling over the network


l  Advanced administrative control: Simplify administrative tasks with legal hold, audit reporting, role-based access, APIs and exports.

l Centralized control: Centrally manage and restore user data and minimize data loss with audit trails, monitoring and alerts.

l  Policy-controlled backups: Back up endpoint data as often as every minute

l Remote management: Recover data from a device remotely and restore to the same device in the same location or restore the data to an entirely new device

Policy-controlled backups that don’t interfere with end-user productivity

 Support for both laptops and tablets

Global location tracking

PC setting migration

Secure,remote data access from any device, anywhere, anytime

Quick, silent ,and centralized deployment & management

Remote wipe and poison pill.

Carbonite features
Remote data access YES
Ransomware recovery YES
Silent deployment (using SCCM, Intune, or similar tools) YES
Global deduplication YES
Global location tracking YES
AD/LDAP sync and SSO YES